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We love that you love AirKlip. That's why we have created a guideline on the right and wrong way to use our brand material. Please take a look at our examples below before you start using them. In case you wish to download all our content, use the download link below.





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App developed by TUK student aims to organize academic calendar

Brian Ondari joined the Technical University of Kenya in 2013 to study Technology and Design. But he had to juggle classes with his freelancing job as a web and mobile developer. “Most of the time, I would be late for class or totally miss because I was either too busy or forgot which time my class was,” says Ondari...

Capital Fm, Kenya
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Student’s Very Own Personal Assistant: Airklip App Review

One thing that I observed as a student in University is that the timetable was perhaps the most inconsistent, unreliable and mostly inconvenient thing that was ever created. I mean, a month into the semester and changes were still being made. It was very frustrating to the point that I stopped keeping track...

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The Kenya Based Student Planner App, Wants To Keep You Updated On Your Classes & Exams Schedule

Higher education can be tough especially when it comes to time management; juggling your classes with full-time employment, parenthood or other activities students at the university do. It is easy to lose track of your class timetables, assignments submission dates and even exams schedules. However, we live in the 21st century, and there is almost not excuse for not keeping track of your class schedules...